Make a Living as a Professional Sailor
Brian Hancock

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book…

  • What’s changed over the years to take sailing from an amateur sport to top of the game earning a decent living
  • One technique Captains use for setting their pay rate while cruising
  • Why racing wins over cruising
  • The truth about making money as a sailor
  • What qualifications racing boat owners look for in their lead sailor
  • The #1 drawback to making a living as a professional sailor
  • Different ways to survive financially when crewing on a racing boat
  • What you need to know about being at sea during an ocean race
  • The major differences between racing as crew versus solo racing
  • How professional sailing affects your resume

Highlights from
this Segment

– Two requirements to be paid as a professional sailor in an ocean race

– If you are this type of sailor, do not apply

– Types of corporate sponsorship involved in these races

– The budget is how much?

About Brian Hancock

Brian Hancock is arguably one of the most experienced offshore sailors in the U.S. He has logged over a quarter million offshore miles racing both fully crewed as well as solo. Brian has competed in three Whitbread Round the World Races. In 2007, Brian co-founded his around-the-world race, The Portimao Global Ocean Race. He’s authored seven books including his latest memoir: “Grabbing the World”.

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