Robin G Coles at helm and interviewer, author of boating secrets.

Boating Secrets

Revealed by eleven industry experts.

This interview series makes a great reference for anyone who’s looking to buy a boat, rent their boat, pick up tips for boat safety, and making a living as a professional sailor.

The series is available in print, on kindle, audio, and individually.



Boating Secrets
Revealed by Eleven Marine Industry Experts

127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and Enjoy Your Boat.

These tips include:

How to buy a boat
Marine Surveys
Financing your boat
Insuring your boat
Custom Electric Panels & Wiring Harnesses
Bad Storms & Heavy Weather
Search and Rescue
Rent Your Boat
Make a Living as a Professional Sailor


Buying Your Boat

One of the biggest keys to buying a boat is to take your family and lifestyle into consideration. The last thing you want to do is go home and “Honey, I just bought a boat”.

Book Buying a Boat by Captain Chris Kourtakis -
marine surveys book cover - Rob Scanlan,

Marine Surveys

Once you find the boat you want you’ll need to get a Marine Survey to make sure it is in great shape. Otherwise, you won’t find an insurance company willing to insure it. Nor will you find a bank to insure it either.

Learn the basics of getting a Marine Survey. Why it’s necessary and which tests should be done.

Other Books

These books are available in the main book – Boating Secrets: 127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and Enjoy Your Boat.

Plus, I’ve made them available as individual books for those who are only interested in specific chapters.

Finance a Boat - Jim Coburn -

Financing a Boat

Insuring your boat - - mike smith

Insuring Your Boat

custom electrical panels book cover, mark rogers

Custom Electrical Panels

book cover - Multihulls, Jim Brown,


Search and Rescue book cover - Alan Sorum -

Search and Rescue

Rent Your Boat - Brian Stefka,

Rent Your Boat

Bad storms heavy weather book - Timothy Wyand -

Bad Storms Heavy Weather

book cover DSC, AIS, ARC - Captain Chris Kourtakis -


Making a living as a professional sailor book cover - Brian Hancock,

Making a Living as a
Professional Sailor

4 Essential Steps to buying your boat -

4 Essential Steps
to Buying Your Boat