Jim Brown

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book…

  • What you need to know about modern day multihulls
  • The monster advantages and disadvantages that set
    catamarans and trimarans apart
  • Why multihulls and pack rats are not suited for one another
  • The one thing that the multihull has that cannot be approached in a monohull
  • The truth about trimarans with hydrofoils
  • Which multihull can provide a habitat for the castaway sailors after an offshore capsize
  • How multihulls behave in heavy weather
  • The history of the modern multihull
  • What’s driving up the costs of multihulls
  • The real Achilles heel of the boat

Highlights from
this Segment

– Three basic multihull configurations available today
– Material used to make multihulls three or four millennia ago
– How long multihulls will be with us
– Two dependencies multimariners found necessary in using multihulls
– Which multihull requires a life raft when capsizing
– The very thing that really niggles the mind of the man, woman, and child who is contemplating sailing offshore
– The one fact that points the way for multihulls
– Who’s responsible for the difficulty of getting into a trimaran

About Jim Brown

Jim Brown is a marine architect and boat builder He is best known for his trimarans, but has also designed and sailed many catamarans. The New England Multihull Association has honored him for “Outstanding Achievement.” He is also the owner of, a project to collect, preserve, and disseminate the history and lore of modern seafaring.

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