Marine Surveys
Rob Scanlan

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book…

  • The three biggest questions to ask when hiring a marine surveyor
  • A secret weapon to uncover the truth about any known problems in the construction of a particular boat
  • Five tips on working with surveyors to ensure a successful survey
  • What you need to know about sea trials
  • The monster do’s and don’ts for surveying a wooden boat
  • The most useful technique to determine the strength of a fiberglass hull
  • Two tools surveyors use (you can too!) to determine a boat’s age and condition
  • Why marine surveyors don’t give warranties for their work
  • If you are not having this diagnostic done on your engine, you may be buying a dud
  • The #1 mistake boaters make buying from a friend

Highlights from
this Segment

– The best time to test oil during a survey

– This type of survey is the hardest to conduct.

– The best tool to use to detect voids with the lamination in the fiberglass layup  

– Recommended number of hours to test engine oil

About Rob Scanlan

Rob Scanlan is a certified marine surveyor, in business since 1986. He was the first marine surveyor in the U.S. to be recognized by both the National Marine Bankers Association and the Yacht Brokers Association of America.

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