Custom Electrical Panels
Mark Rogers

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book…

  • A powerful strategy to increase the longevity of your batteries
  • A simple way to upgrade your instrument panel
  • The #1 reason to replace the wiring on your boat
  • Learn what the new standard is starting end of July 2010
  • Discover how easy it is to replace custom panels yourself
  • What you need to know to effectively connect low power instrument power leads to larger
    units with heavier power leads
  • The most useful technique to repair the rubber sleeve protector on an outboard external wiring harness
  • The single quickest way to have a new customized wiring harness made
  • Two major reasons to have a customized instrument panel
  • Two tips to finding a schematic for wiring harnesses

Highlights from
this Segment

– Wiring conundrum connecting low to high power according to marine standards

– Connect a PC to a Chart Plotter to a VHF Radio

– Specifics you need to know for customizing your own electrical panel

– Which items should have their own breakers

About Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers has been tinkering with electronics since the age of 15. He started as a studio engineer for a local radio station, graduated to the music industry as head electronics technician, then went into broadcast and recording studio engineering and construction. In 1991, he overhauled the electrical system on his 36′ sailboat. Since then, Mark has been troubleshooting and customizing electrical systems on other boats.

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