Robin Coles has done a wonderful job of covering a comprehensive list of topics that will help new and experienced boaters get the most out of their investment.An educated boater is a better boater and a better boater is much more likely to enjoy a lifetime of fun with family and friends.

Robin taps into many of the recreational boating industry’s most experienced experts who will help you avoid many of the situations that inexperienced boaters could find themselves in. A boat is a significant investment of your time in an era where free time is much harder to come by.

This Nautical Lifestyle Expert Series is sure to help you maximize your investment while making you a better captain when you inevitably find yourselves in harrowing situations. As the captain, you take on huge responsibilities and it’s important that boating safety is always top of mind. It may save your life or one of your loved ones.

Carl Blackwell

Vice President, Discover Boating, Discover Boating, National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)

Robin Coles has impressed me very much as a friend and an advocate to the marine industry. Her website has become a work of “internet art” for the average boater.I listened to her discussions with industry experts that are the basis for her book and was totally impressed at the quality of her participating experts, their knowledge and Robin’s ability to ask the right questions, as well as her follow up questions.

Anyone seeking to purchase a new boat or intending to buy a larger boat should have her book in their library.

Captain Leo Corsetti

Retired, Tone President, , Proud Tartan Owner, Arlington, MA

Great chapter!!! I learned a lot… Mike did a great job of taking something that could be very tedious and made it very interesting, he was very good at telling the back story to the how’s and why’s of boat/yacht insurance.

Mark Hendricks

Trilby, FL